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If you do much or any selling of items online one problem is always where to meet locally that’s safe for both parties. The Valparaiso Police Department has solved the problem.

Valpo Police are calling it an Exchange Zone. Many places accross the country call them Safe Trade Stations. Either way its a great thing. The Valpo Exchange Zone is right in the Valpo Police Departments parking lot at 355 South Washington Street. There’s video surveillance and police a few steps away. Very cool.

What many people don’t think about is even if you are meeting to do a $1 deal everything you have with you is at risk to be stolen. Phone, purse, wallet and even your car. You don’t know who is showing up and who is with or following them. I actually do a few “meet up” deals per year and usually meet at a Famiy express because I know there are cameras by the doors. This Valparaiso Exchange Zone will be great.

valparaiso exchange zonevalparaiso exchange zone

As you can see in my picture there are 2 side by side parking spaces reserved for the deal makers.

While I was doing some research about Safe Trade Stations I found Safe Trade Stations. This webssite gives good tips on where to meet and how to do it to be as safe as possible.

Also, if you want to keep more up to date on the Valparaiso Police Department check these out:

Twitter: Valparaiso Police Department

Facebook: Valparaiso Police Department

Facebook: Search “Valpo Canines”. Some cool stuff here on where to meetup with the dogs and what they’re up to.

The main Valparaiso Police Department facebook Page is kind of a new version of listening to police on a scanner. They post crimes with pics and what happened. They even come back and say they found the perp and no help needed any longer. It’s interesting actually.

Hope this info helps you Valpo Picker’s complete your deals safely…if you have any tips leave a comment below.

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