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Valparaiso Meetup Groups

Facebook Follow One of the things I’ve most looked forward to at is I’ll be setting up Meetup Groups. By that I mean followers of the site will be able to attend meetups around town made up of people wanting to talk about the same subject. I figure Starbucks meetups or if there’s too many people for that, bigger restaurants or meeting rooms will work. I’m open to suggestions. Some ideas I have are: Real Estate investing, Foodies, Board Game nights, Business owners and people wanting to go into business, Valpo Pickers (basically garage sale hunters). Any subject...

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Valparaiso McDonald’s Hiring $9 Hour

The Valparaiso McDonald’s on Rt 30 by Strack’s has signs out in the lawn. Several signs are out so it looks serious. Managers $11 per hour, Regular emplyees $9 per hour. Seems not bad starting pay to me. This is the first Valparaiso Job I’ve posted. If you find jobs available around town feel free to contact me and I’ll post it up here. I’d love to be a good source of Valpo Jobs. Also you can leave a comment below if you know...

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Valparaiso Restaurants

Valparaiso Restaurants will be one of my favorite and most read parts of It seems like every time I drive down Lincolnway I see a restaurant I’ve not been to. I’m putting up basic article first but very soon there will be visual graphs here of Restaurant reviews. I’m still deciding on the categories they will be judged by but its not rocket science. I like to look for details when I’m in restaurants. Everyone knows the basics…clean, good service, etc. I’ll probably throw a curve in there for fun but not sure what it will be…leave a...

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I spent some time at the Valparaiso Ice Rink today taking pictures for the site. Got lucky and got some good ones. Stayed a while and just enjoyed the music...

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